Chengdu Leer Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
Chengdu Leer Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and exporters in China. The company originated from the year 1971 in Chengdu as an army pharmaceutical manufacturer with a strong technical support from the Army. Some of the medicines produced by the company are famous all over China. Such as Xinli Zhenggu Penwuji (Used for Injury of Bone and Joint) researched and developed by experts from the army is the best in China.



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Company Name: Chengdu Leer Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

Address: Besides of Chengdu Military Hospital, Tianhui Town, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China        Zip: 610083

Tel: 86-28-67667680        Fax: 86-28-67667688

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